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Dearest Professor Adam,
Thank you for all your blessings and prayers!!!!!!!!!Ā  No words suffice as gratitude!!!
Thank you always for everything!
Rejoice always in everything!!!!


Hi Professor Adam,
I just want to let you know from the spells that we purchased 3 weeks ago, finding opportunities for my husband who was fired/quit his job, due to issues with his boss.
He started to work the next day
Tuesday, he is working more hours, he leaves at 5:45am and comes home after 7:30pm but he, I am not sure how much he will be making, he will be an installer so they get paid by what they do, not by the hours, but he seems more relaxed not stressed out like he was at this previous job.
So I want to share this story with you and all the ones that you help. I bought the spell on your weekly special due to income. but they work very well. So it is not difference with the $10 special, they are strong and as good as the others.Ā  Thank you for all your help!
We think positive and we know that God and the Universe are blessing us every day and thank you for helping my husband to have a job, he seems happier and more relaxed even with more hours but he seems so much better we can see the difference.
Thank you for your help and guidance. It wasĀ 
FindingĀ Opportunities
Everythings Going My Way.

Jerome Mark

Chief Professor Adam,
You casted theĀ Attract A Better Job SpellĀ for me on 9/1 and theĀ Finding OpportunitiesĀ spell on 9/24. I had two interviews: 1) 9/20 and 2) on 9/25. I began receiving emails around the fifteenth of the month toĀ  set-up phone time, etc. I noticed your spells really kick in on the physical plane around the two-week mark after casting. Long story short, today I was offered a very high paying job offer. I have sent out so many resumes that I am certain more offers will come, but I had to let you know about my little miracle. Thank you again for the wonderful developments you have allowed to flow into my life.
Love and light,
Jerome Mark


Hi Professor Adam
Just want to say that the spell really does seem to be working (long may it last) . some very interesting situations have materialized over the last few weeks. I want to see what happened this week just to make sure last week was not happenstance.
Canā€™t say too much since this is my work email but the common theme across the successes it that they were all women I already know and were established ascompletely platonic. So that is most interesting.
I will be checking your site and buying one for my side line business of ski apartment rental since we need more ski rentals.
I thank you very much and if you are ever in New York look me up so I can buy you a drink
best regards Sonia


Professor Adam
In December you cast some spells for my husband, I told him about you so we bought some spells for him and you helped him to find a bus that he needed to purchase for his business. He found it just like he wanted. Thank you so very much.
We are so greatful that we have found you!
Much Love,


Dear Professor Adam
I wanted to let you know that I managed to find a new job that pays more . It is a secondment for 12 months but I pray it will become permanent and I don’t have to go back to my old job. Thank you so much Professor Adam, every time you have placed a spell it has worked!!! Sending you so much blessings your way. I will be purchasing your special of ‘reach your potential ‘ I can’t thank you enough xx
Much love and light


Dear Professor Adam,
I would just like to say thank you for your great work,I could see a big difference when the first work was started.I am greatful to you and I will always be a client.You are truly a blessing from God.Thank you andĀ  God bless you.


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